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    Lightbulb USB digi cameras drivers

    At home I have 3 USB digital cameras:
    Canon S20
    Agfa ePhoto CL18
    KBgear JamCam3

    I can get none of them to work with my PB955/Win98OEM. No other USB peripherals are installed. All software supplied with the cameras is installed, including any provided special drivers. However when I plug any of the cameras into the USB, unknown devices are detected. The system asks for the Win98 CD, but then cannot find the drivers on it. I even tried using the browse option, and the "have disk" option in the manual install using both the PB companion disk and the camera-supplied driver disks, but the files cannot be found. Some of the files being asked for are:
    and also several .dll's which I did not write down. It has been suggested to me by the Agfa website that if I don' t have Win98 second edition mI need to download the drivers from their site. I have downloaded current versions of camera-specific driver software from all 3 manufacturer websites and installed those over the original softwares, but still I am prompted for the Win98 CD when attaching to USB. So far I have received a response only from KBgear which contained only a new driver patch which I have not yet installed, and no further advice.

    I tried to do a "windows update" from the MS website but the system can't seem to install that either.

    Outside of this the computer is working fine, and I have had no problems. The one piece of success I have had is with installation of a Lexar media USB 'JumpShot' FlashMedia reader as a D: drive, which at least allows me to access pictures from the Canon S20 (the only one that uses removable media) At least this tell me the USB is talking.

    How do I obtain the generic USB drivers for OEM win98? I can find nothing at all on the PB/alorica Drivers page which refers to USB scanners or cameras.

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    Question Please Help

    Have you resolved this problem? I have the exact same problem using Win98SE. I have the USB showing correctly under device manager yet when I connect my digital camera (or printer) I get "Unknown Device" which then disappears when I disonnect the product. I can't get it to se anything. Is there a problem with my card? I had thought that if it was the card it would have not shown an unknown device when I att the camera.

    PLEASE HELP if you can with any info you might find helpful.


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