[RESOLVED] Problem with my CD-ROM
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Problem with my CD-ROM

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Problem with my CD-ROM

    Hi guys,

    Until two days ago...I haven't had any problem with my CD-ROm but now....I'm havig some serious problems running games on my comp, games I've been playing without any problems

    When running the games I can't see any movies it will hang( the image on my monior hangs)...and I can only hear the sound in the bakground.

    Did anyone had this problem with their CD-ROM and what can I do about it...
    Buy a new one? Search for a new driver? Or what?

    Hope you can help me..

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    That sounds more like a video card problem, does it do that with all games, download the cdspeed99 program from the windrivers site and test your cd-rom, just to be sure.


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