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    Post usb driver for windows95

    Can anyone tell me where I could find usb drivers for windows95( OSR2.5) along with the source code?


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    The usb patches to make win95 osr 2.5 recognize usb is located on the win95 osr2.5 cd under X:\other\updates\usb\ folder (X stands for whatever the drive letter of your cd-rom is). There are two files you need to load under that folder - usbsupp.exe and usbupd2.exe. Run the usbsupp.exe file 1st, then reboot. Run the usbupd2.exe after and reboot again. That's when Win95 2.5 should properly recognize the usb under device manager. Then you need to load the usb drivers for whatever usb devices you plan to use like an hp usb scanner or something like that. Regarding the source code, I'm not a programmer, but I do know microsoft just simply doesn't give out their source code for their O/S's to anyone like LINUX does. I don't know where you could get it. Maybe someone else does???

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    If ever I add USB in 95 I use the oemusb.exe file (which can be found on the last version of 95 CD). I have had vmm32.vxd trashed by the other files several times.
    Running OEMUSB file installs the files. On reboot it will rebuild vmm32. Then in device manager update the driver for USB. You are looking for "uhcd.sys" which will now be in windows\system.

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