[RESOLVED] Changng irq for the usb serial controller.
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Changng irq for the usb serial controller.

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    Question Changng irq for the usb serial controller.

    my usb serial controller is using #5 irq along with my soundblaster live value card. this is causing my system to lock up.when i remove the soundblaster the system works fine. i have tried changing the irq's, but the computer tells me that this can not be done, can anyone tell me about a dworkaround for this problem? Thanks.....BTW i'm using anAsus P2-99 mobo.

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    You may luck out with a BIOS adjustment, find the setting "Force ESCD Update" and set it to Enable (usually around the PCI settings somewhere). This tells the MB to tell all your cards "Go find a new IRQ the next time I boot up". Put your SB card back in (try to use a different slot if you can, if you can't oh well) and give it a whirl, it only affects the next boot.
    Good luck!


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