[RESOLVED] cd audio device freezes up win98
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Thread: [RESOLVED] cd audio device freezes up win98

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    Post cd audio device freezes up win98

    i have a problem when i put in a audio cd in the 40xcdrom i have,the cd player in win98 loads up then it freezes the whole system. i have to alt-ctrl-delete to end the task then my cd rom wont work at all,i have to reboot.so i went in to control panel -multimedia-settings and disable the cd audio device in devices panel everything works fine except that cd player says that there is no audio cd in the cdrom.i still cant play music! don@svol.net

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    You need to give more information. Is this onboard sound, what sound card, what does it look like in control panel - system any conflicts? do you have cdrom dma unchecked in control panel - system - properties of cdrom? check these and respond.



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