[RESOLVED] no usb showing in device manager
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Thread: [RESOLVED] no usb showing in device manager

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    no usb showing in device manager

    with the asus p2bf board no usb devices are showing in device manager, usb support has been loaded. hardware detection doesnt pick it up in win95 osr2.0

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    Make sure you have USB enabled in the bios. Without it enabled it may not show up. Also try adding a usb device and see if it is detected.

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    usb is enabled in bios shows up before escd update during boot up, in win95 shows up in computer properties as irq 11, but no usb hub shows in device manager.

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    I believe that for proper USB support, you will have to upgrade to Win 98. Almost all versions of Win 95 do not properly support USB.

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    Darren Wilson
    most USB devices will not work fully under any version of Win95. You will need to upgrade to Win98 for full functionability.

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    If your Win95 is OSR 2.0, you need to install the USB supplement to upgrade it to OSR 2.1 for USB support. Your Win95 CD may have this update on it. If the volume label on your CD is "W95_FULL_AR" then you should be able to find a file called "usbsupp.exe". It is in the \other\usb directory. If you don't have this update, let me know and I'll give you a link to download it.

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    Stevet is correct.

    In order for Win95 Osr2 to fully support USB you will need to download the usbsupp.exe file and install it. This will properly set up the root hub for the usb controller. You will also need to make sure that you have installed the .inf update utility to properly configure the chipset in win95


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