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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Starving for the Know!

    I have only a basic understanding of computers, although I recently recieved my A+ certification, I still feel........well, stupid for lack of a better word. Where is a good place (on the web or even a book) I can learn something I can actually use?

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    Get a job at a retail store (CompUSA, Fry's, Microcenter).

    This will teach you more about hardware, and they all have discounts on training classes. This will help you learn NT/2000 and networking.
    At places like this you will work on DELL, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Old, New, Clone, Cheap, Good, etc.

    I'm a Master Tech at a CompUSA here, and I see almost every brand of computer on the market. Got a Compaq IPAC, and a IMAC on my bench while typing this.

    Opps.. your in the south pacific. You don't have the same choices. I'm not sure in your area. I'm not sure whats in Guam.
    Jon Hutto

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    Que's 'How to build and repair PCs' (I think that's the title) although a bit outdated has a lot of information about hardware.

    Best way to learn things is to get some old systems or components as cheap as possible and then try to get them to work in odd ways.

    Install every operating system you can get your hands on onto a minimum spec machine...
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