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Thread: What can I expect ???

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    Smile What can I expect ???

    I am due to begin studying the win2k server MCSE at home. After countless arguments with the boss over training (he wont provide official training in case we all leave after it) I have ordered the books, cram sessions and discs, and will study at my own pace at home. Ihave 7 machines currently networked, so it's enough to play with to learn.

    I am starting this mainly to get back to studying (I had the choice of biology or IT 6 years ago - I now have a BSc Hons in biological sciences which I never use LOL) - I want to learn more than my work can teach me.

    I just want to know of peoples experiences of syudying an MCSE in this way - how long did it take you, what were the problems you encountered - that kind of thing.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

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    Saber, for some more help check out www.examnotes.com very good forums on certs
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