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    Resolved [RESOLVED] What after certification.

    well im a+ certified which doesn't mean much in the tech world but im going for inet certifcation and cisco. Either way where is your experince from that where do you get your start???


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    Well you got the point. I'm planning to get a+ first then got to some more complex stuff. (Networking). The think is what you gone get once you got certificates? All jobs offers need some experience in filed. You wont have it until you gone have job. Not many people can answerer this question.

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    The A+ is a nice start, however in the "real world" most people I know got that simply because they had to. That is, they were doing break/fix work and needed to work on Toshibas or Compaq crap. I still put it on my resume, but its just something to fill up a line, no one really looks at it anymore, but I don't deal much with that kind of hardware anymore.

    If you want to get into Cisco networking, it will REALLY help you to have some sort of hands on experience. You might want to try to get a job working in a network operations center, or the like. Attempting the CCNA without touching a router is like watching tv with your eyes closed, you might be able to do it, but you won't get much out of it.

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    A+ allows you to get your foot in the door, some large service companies only care about the A+ cert, however - most other certs almost require some experience or an expensive class to pass. Cisco reccommends that you have one year exp before the CCNA, 2-4 for the CCNA and 4+ for the CCIE.

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