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    I recently signed up to take my A+ test. At first, I signed up and passed the Core. About two weeks later, when I decided to go back and take the OS part, I hopped online and registered for the only available OS test. I then noticed, after paying for the test, that they had updated their tests and in their words:

    "The student is responsible to insure that both his/her Core and OS tests are from the same year requirements".

    I'm now out 100 bucks from my first core test as it was last years reqs and I need to pass the new one to match the OS.

    This sucks. There should be a grace period in which you can get credit for having passed either. At the least they should give me a voucher to retest the new Core test. Anyone else get bent over like this?


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    Just another excuse to collect $100 like the hardware is different because the OS section changed?

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    Death is lighter than a feather - duty heavier than a mountian.

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