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    Hey guys, I need your opinions.
    I am currently going through all the classes for my MCSE and CNE. I am almost finished with the MCSE. I still have a few classes to go for the CNE.
    I hate a "paper mcse/cne" just as much as everyone else does, but I have to admit, I have been using the TroyTEC study guides as a supplement to the classes and I find them very helpful at test time. Unfortunately, TroyTEC does not offer study guides for the Novell classes. Is anyone aware of any similar study materials available for the Novell CNE track. I would appreciate any leads I can find.


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    You can try the website for study guides and also for Skill Drills.

    If you resgister with them you can have them mail you CNE questions daily on a particular module you are doing.

    Also, get a copy of Exam Essentials for practise testing. This helps a lot, as most of the Exam questions are based on these practise tests.

    I hope this helps.

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