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    Angry Reveal Cdrom drive

    I have an HP Vectra computer (old 486) in which I am trying to instal a reveal cdrom. I have the sound card installed and working (Super Galaxy Nova 16 Extra) but windows 95 isn't recognzing the cdrom drive. I have tried add/new hardware and it doesn't find anything either. The cdrom drive has power, it opens and closes.
    I would try to load generic cdrom drivers, but they wont work with this drive. I guess my question is where I can find the drivers for the cdrom drive. Aztech's site gives perfect instruction on how to instal the sound card but nothing at all about the cdrom part of it.

    I really appreciate any help there is.


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    If you are plugging the drive into the IDE port on the sound card, you may need to run a DOS executable to enable the on board IDE. Also possible that the port on the sound card is being canceled by an IDE port on the motherboard or IDE controller card if it has a secondary channel. Most secondary IDE controllers use I/O 170, IRQ 15, if there are any jumpers on the soud card to adjust the address you may try that...

    Oh, and be sure to blow the dust off the components!
    Also if you can get an old Packard Bell restore disk in your floppy, most of them contain a file called CDDETECT.EXE that will try several different soud card .exe and .sys files till it finds/doesn't find a drive...

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    quite a few of those reveal sound card cd rom combos arent ide type interfaces
    if they are not then you have to load the cd rom drivers into a dos atmosphere first
    then you will be able to get it to work in windows
    if you dont have the drivers you should be able to download them at the reveal site

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