[RESOLVED] creative cd1620e for win95
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Thread: [RESOLVED] creative cd1620e for win95

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] creative cd1620e for win95

    works in dos, but cannot get a driver to work in win95, creative site will not show cd1620e driver in perticular, just 4x and above ide driver? anyone can help?

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    You shouldn't really need a driver for Win95 unless your bios does not detect CD-Roms. Try this, though -- modify your autoexec.bat so that msdcdex.exe does not have REM in front of it, then reboot. That should force windows to see it, but may cause problems with 32-bit disk access. If Win sees it like this and has no problems, go for it. If that doesn't work, try http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/cdromgod/index.html ! Good luck!
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