[RESOLVED] CD Rom works in DOS but not Win 3.11
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Thread: [RESOLVED] CD Rom works in DOS but not Win 3.11

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    Post CD Rom works in DOS but not Win 3.11

    I have a 486 SX 25 running Windows 3.11. The Reveal CD Rom 4X drive works ok in dos but in windows it returns with a "no disc in drive" message. I have removed all references to the cd rom in the Autoexec.bat and Confis.sys files and then reinstalled the software (latest drivers from this site) The mother board has only one ide connector and the Hard drive is set as master with the CD Rom as slave. Any suggestions????

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    You might try disabling 32-bit disk access from the control panel. Your system will probably slow down a bit, but if your CD drive starts working then you will know that it is apparently not compatible with Win3.1's 32-bit disk access. I don't remember exactly how to get there, but I believe that you go to Main - Control Panel - 386 Enhanced, then something about virtual memory?... There will be a check box that says "Enable 32-bit disk access" (it is checked by default). Uncheck and reboot.

    Good luck.

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    add this line to your config.sys file


    it should work fine then


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