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    Resolved [RESOLVED] CD interface identication

    I recently took some cards out of an old 486 and there was a ISA CD-rom interface card, and I don't know what it is, and it doesn't auto detect. It doesn't have any internal plugs only an external one which seems like a SCSI 1 port.
    Its has the numbers F12V-0 399306, CD-IFI4-A and a NEC chip on it. Doesn't ne1 know where I can look up these manufacturer numbers so I can find out what card it is

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    i believe you may have an old panasonic dual cd-rom controller card. this card controlled an external dual cd-rom drive. these particular drives (which were 2x speed) were used extensivley by the U.S Military supply system and other like commercial companies to keep track of large inventory stock. the inventory list would come on a set of cd's. disk 1 was put in one drive bay which would act as the "master" cd and the other cd's in the set were used in the other drive bay.

    hope this helps....
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