[RESOLVED] Can't install CD-RW driver for some reason...
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't install CD-RW driver for some reason...

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    Angry Can't install CD-RW driver for some reason...

    I bought a CD-RW and when I try to install the driver off the disk, it doesn't work. I mean, there's two setup programs, and they run ok, but when I restart my computer, it still doesn't detect my cd rewritable. Someone please help!

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    If you are running Windows 95 or 98, Windows will detect the drive. The setup programs are for the copying software.

    If the CDRW is not detected by Windows, then the drive isn't configured correctly. Make sure the jumpers for Master and Slave are set up right. Most motherboards nowadays have a Primary and a Secondary IDE port. Your hard drive is the Primary Master. If the CDRW is connected to this IDE strap then it must be set to Slave. If the CDRW is connected as the only drive on the Secondary IDE port, then it must me set to Master, and so on.

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