[RESOLVED] Cdrom problem with Via Chipset
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Cdrom problem with Via Chipset

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    Unhappy Cdrom problem with Via Chipset

    I have a Via Chipset MVP3 Mobo
    AMD K6-2-400
    The HD is primary master and is separated into 3 partitions
    CDrom is primary slave

    I recently installed win98 SE
    After going through the hurdle of installing bus mastering drivers due to slow hd access, the cdrom stopped working
    C, D, and E would be the hard drive partitions so I don't understand why the cdrom doesn't choose F as the driver letter
    In explorer the cd icon shows up as driver letter G and a "phantom" F driver appears only to disappear a few seconds later
    The name of G drive would turn in SYS now matter what cd was in previously and there would be no access to the cdrom

    Did anyone encounter this problem, I know it has to do with via drivers for the chipset, but I need to have them or hd access would slow to a crawl


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    Darren Wilson


    I have this problem if I install the Highpoint IDE drivers for my Gigabyte GA6-BX2000. My Toshiba DVD drive will dissapear until I goto Device Manager and click REFRESH. I don't bother now using them. Try reverting back to the default windows drivers or check for a later version of the drivers.

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    If I remember correct, there was an article in Daily MS Support in Windrivers' home page, about VIA chipsets and W98SE. Try MS Support Previous Articles. Maybe you'll find some help.
    Good luck.
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    I had to go back to the win98 drivers
    Also I had to make sure that the dma was not set for the harddrive that had the cdrom with it


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