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    I have a Sony PCG-F540 laptop, everything inside is intact. Which is my problem. The 6gig hd is way too restrictive with all the development tools I use on it, and I am constantly running out of space. I'm looking for ways to expand my storage but it's not looking good price-wise. Sony's upgrades are out of the question, their prices are absurd. I've looked at this one Acer external USB CDRW drive, but I'm reluctant to waste my money on it since my space problems are from installations, not data. Zip disks are too small for most of the programs (not to mention unwieldy and stupid to use for installations)... I'm considering a 10gig (best size for the buck) BUSLink USB drive. Anyone have any experience with this USB drive, USB drives in general, or could suggest an alternative?

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    I would buy a PCMCIA external hard drive, or even a USB version. I believe you can get an empty external box for about 50.00 over here in the UK. I got one, but put a 3.5" SCSI drive in and stuck it in via an adaptec 1460 PCMCIA adaptor. Then with SCSI, you get the speed, and can use the cheaper and larger 3,5" drives.

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    You say "cheaper and larger" yet I'm seeing $120 for the Adaptec PCMCIA card, $35 for the external SCSI box, and $150 for a 9gig drive... so this 9gig "kit" is going to be twice the price than the 10gig USB I was looking at... so the question is, is the SCSI PCMCIA stuff worth the extra cash/equipment? what about external IDE?

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    can you use a standard 2.5 inch hd?
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    Like techs said, why not just buy a new, larger 2.5" HD? Just don't buy it from Sony !

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    (a) Pain to get into the computer
    (b) Pain to transfer data over network or whatever, then back.
    (c) Time I've put into it so far.
    (d) Not enough of a size bonus. I'd rather have a second drive for the extra stuff, rather than a marginally larger drive for all this stuff as well.

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    Sounds like you've answered your own question. USB external.

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