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Thread: [RESOLVED] Need help on IMB ThinkPad T20 =>Drives

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    Unhappy Need help on IMB ThinkPad T20 =>Drives

    I have an IMB ThinkPad T20 which came with a DVD/CD-ROM but it uses the same port as the floppy. Whenever I want to use one I have to switch out the other and that did not allow me to work with anything that requires both devices. Especially when I try to install anything from the floppy then CD-ROM because it won't recognize the CD-ROM. IS there anyway that I can use both or connect both at the same time. Manual guide did not help. Thanks for supports.

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    There is a device for other models within the thinkpad range that have a back pack that allows you to use both fdd and cd-rom. I'm not sure if there is one available for your modile or not but try IBM themselves or even another retailer it may be out there or one of the other back packs might work, as it just conects to a port on the back of the laptop. Hope this help's.

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    Have you checked out the features of the port replicator from IBM for your model laptop? They have solved this problem on other models.

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    Death is lighter than a feather - duty heavier than a mountian.

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