[RESOLVED] Sony PCG-748 hard drive upgrade.
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Sony PCG-748 hard drive upgrade.

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    Question Sony PCG-748 hard drive upgrade.

    Anyone have any idea what is the largest hard drive the Sony PCG-748 will take?

    I tried e-mailing Sony for help, but their reply was advice on installing Windows 2000 (huh?)

    I think it uses the 430TX chipset, and didn't most motherboard BIOSes of this age have an 8G limitation? Or can this one take a bigger drive?

    I'd love to be able to install a new 20G drive, that'd definately help extend the usefullness of this system, and then I can buy a cheep laptop later on and swap in the larger drive.

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    Largest is 8G, but if I remember correctly, the largest partiton you can have is 4G. Could use software to see if a larger hard drive would work. It is on sony's web page.


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