Is it the card or the computer?
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Thread: Is it the card or the computer?

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    I have a problem that I think I have Sony VAIO is shutting off whenever it changes power states, however this only happens when there is a Linksys network card plugged in. I have 2 different Linksys network cards (different models); both seem to cause this problem. I have no other PC cards in my house though, so before I run out and buy a new NIC, I'd like to you think it's the PC card slots themselves or the Linksys cards? Any experience?


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    Sounds like it could be the card. But don't take my word for it.

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    If it's the card, then it is an incompatability because it's happening on both cards ... try the latest drivers first and check with Sony on any known issues regarding this ... maybe a bios fix will correct it. Even if you could borrow a different card from someone to test it will give you a lot of insight
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