[RESOLVED] IBM TP560, 32bit cardbus
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Thread: [RESOLVED] IBM TP560, 32bit cardbus

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    Question IBM TP560, 32bit cardbus

    I have a clients Thinkpad 560, this little baby has no USB ports on it, We have decided to use a PCMCIA to USB card to solve the problem...So we thought..

    the TP560 has typeIII slots not typeII, okies, the card is universal, it does fit..but the system will not recognize any 32/cardbus adaptors at all, Xircom, IBM, anything...

    Does anyone have a fix for this..getting sick of IBM's run around


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    i dont really no that much on pcmcia cards but i do know a bit.... try upgrading the OS or the bios if u can....that might help... or tell ur client to go buy a good laptop haha


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