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    Post Best laptop?

    I've heard a lot about what's the best laptop, which is the one that worths it's money, which has the best display unit, which is the most powerful one...

    What's the best in your opinion?

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    Got to be the Sony Vaio (or however you spell it )
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    At my job, we have an assortment of laptops that I have to support. Compaq, Dell, HP, Micron, AST, Toshiba and Gateway for the most part.

    Most have their good points and bad. I will try to line out my experience with them.

    Compaq, Impressive as they come in the door but as they are worked not so good. 2 laptops- Sent back for work 6 times combined.

    Dell, I have had good luck with Dell. Little trouble and good support. Out of about 15 we have had 2 mother boards go bad but dell had someone onsite the next day to do the repair work.

    HP, The only problem I have had is the $$$.

    Micron, I would strongly suggest staying away form them!!!! In three years time you will replace a hard drive!!! Usually after about a year and a half! 6 different modals and they all have had problems and a lot more than just the hard drive too.

    AST, They were good but just didn’t last! To under powered.

    Toshiba, We have a few Libretto’s. They’re a small laptop almost the size of a palmtop. They have been great for the users that just want e-mail when they’re out on the road. To bad they stop making them!

    Gateway, We really don’t have to many Gateways but I have been less than impressed. The ones that we have are big and bulky and have required more support than I want to give.

    From my experience it really comes down to the $$$ and who you want to get your support from. My vote would be Dell or HP.
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    At the shop here we have delt with a few different kinds. When I started, we were selling Kiwi's. But luckly that company went under and I don't have to deal with them anymore. We have also sold Computron (another piece of $hit) which had a 1 month repair time. Ibm have been very solid, as well as panasonic. Presently we are dealing exclusivly with Toshiba. They are sweet!! The only repeat problem I see with them is with the internal modem. There is a small plastic door that you have to open to plug in the phone line that is not very sturdy. Customers just love to break it off and then complain about having to pay the repair bill for physically damaging their brand new notebook.


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