[RESOLVED] dos ipx in windows98?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] dos ipx in windows98?

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    Post dos ipx in windows98?

    I have a basic ipx network (lsl.com, packet driver, ipxodi.com) on a 486 with an accton nic, but my windows 98 box, with the ipx protocol installed, can't see it. the connection works when i boot both to dos, so I think the problem must be with my windows setup. Help?

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    Well when you are logging in with windows you are logging on the the microsoft network IE "netbios". But loading lsl.com, packet driver, ipxodi.com you are esentiually loading a shell to connect to a Novell server thats why windows isnt seeing it because it has no way to identify it on the network. X

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    Have you heard of frame type?

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    You should use the Microsoft Network client for DOS to communicate between the MS machines. The novell client will only see a Netware server. You can try to enable File and Printer sharing for NetWare networks, and the Client for NetWare networks on the Win98 box, but I don't think it'll work.

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