[RESOLVED] getting ICQ to work through MS Proxy Server 2.0
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Thread: [RESOLVED] getting ICQ to work through MS Proxy Server 2.0

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    Post getting ICQ to work through MS Proxy Server 2.0

    I have installed MS Proxy Server 2.0 at home so that my sisters WIndows 98 station can access the internet at the same time as myself using the same telephone connection.

    She can happily surf the web however ICQ doesn't seem to work.

    I have no real expierence of setting up or using a proxy server!!

    Does anyone in the same boat (two computers, connected via a hub, the w98 station logs onto the Windows NT domain, and the modem is attached to thse server) know how to configure it so ICQ can be used on the Windows 98 machine?

    Many thanks!


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    is her ICQ cofiguration set to accept proxy connections? you may have to open a special UDP port...unfortunely the number escapes me at the moment...

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    I have had the same problem, but when you configure Icq there's a field that permit you to set firewall/proxy access.
    If I remember well, the port number to set is 80 (like HTTP)...
    Let me know, meanwhile I check it!


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    I'm still having problems and have been messing about with the settings and an no longer sure what i've messed with so may have screwed things up big time.

    I'm presuming what i'm supposed to be playing with is the winsock proxy service in the MMC?

    in the protocols tab there is already an entry for ICQ and at the moment it reads like this: (i've been playing so it's properly totally wrong)

    Intitial Connection:
    Port: 1080
    Type: UDP
    Direction: Outbound

    Port Ranges For Subsequent Connections:
    Port: 0 Type: TCP Direction: Inbound
    Port: 0 Type: UDP Direction: Inbound
    Port: 1025-5000 Type: TCP Direction: Inbound
    Port: 1025-5000 Type: TCP Direction: Outbound
    Port: 1080 Type: UDP Direction: Inbound
    Port: 1080 Type: UDP Direction: Outbound

    As from my original post i reall don't have a clue what i'm doing when it comes to the Proxy Server it's the first time i've even looked at it.

    I'm properly looking at the totally wrong thing.

    As for the settings in ICQ, well she hasn't even managed to sign up yet so the only settings i have are the setup ones.

    Even thou i'm still going through a modem, but now using proxy server as an auto dialout should i be checking Permement Connection or a modem connection? that confuses me.

    As for ICQ's connection settings that gives me:

    Port: 5190

    and then the option to use a firwall and connect using a proxy, then asking for the host and port and what protocol (socks 4, socks 5 and https, which means sod all to me, he he)

    Again any help would be appreciated, she's doing my head in to use this so she can SMS her soddin mates and they can reply to the ICQ or something along those lines.

    I can't get it working on the server either, but don't fancy the idea of her sitting at my NT server!!!! even if it is just a home configuaration.



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    MS Proxy server is HORRIBLE - go to www.download.com, www.tucows.com or www.nonags.com and get something else. Also fro $99.00 Dlink has a ethernet/ async gateway/router with 4 port switch that allows you to share wan ehternet/modem internet connections over your network. Give that a try.

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