[RESOLVED] Network login required after protocal install
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Network login required after protocal install

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    Post Network login required after protocal install

    After I installed IPX/SPX on my home network so I can play some games everytime I reboot I now have to enter a user name and password. Anyway I can get it to login automatically like before. I'm using Windows ME on the computers.

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    If you are using winME, you can use tweakui which has a thing where you can automatically log you in on bootup - try this <a href=http://www.jermar.com/tweaki2.exe> link </a>

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    Canned Response:
    ---Removing the startup logon prompt---

    To remove a startup logon prompt, the following steps may be necessary:
    • first, do a find for all *.pwl files and delete them. Upon the next logon, enter your favorite username but do not enter any password and when asked to confirm the password just click ok.
    • ***In the Network control panel, make sure the primary network logon is set to Windows Logon.
    • In the Passwords control panel and under the user profiles tab, make sure that the option 'all users of this computer use the same preferences and desktop settings .' is set
    • In the Users control panel, if the create user wizard shows, just click cancel. If not, then remove all users and click ok.

    As a last resort, get tweakUI from Microsoft's website:


    Install it, and open the control panel, open tweak, and in the network tab is an auto-logon feature. Be warned though: the password you enter is stored in the registry un-encrypted.

    This is also covered in Microsoft's KB Article Q152104

    A few other things:
    • If you installed the Client for NetWare networks remove it, you don't need it, all you need is the IPS/SPX compat protocol
    • double click om the Microsoft client and make sure that Log on to NT domains is un checked

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    Remove Client for microsoft networks from your network properties menu.



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