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Thread: [RESOLVED] **THANKS** Set up Netwrok - - - W2k & 98SE

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    Question **THANKS** Set up Netwrok - - - W2k & 98SE

    I have just replaced my hub with a Linksys 10/100 5-Port Switch and I need to set up my network. I have "3" Computers and they all are able to access the internet through my cable modem. (They all have seperate IP's). But I would like to set them up to be able to share files. I am new to networking, so If you need more info, just ask me. And please bare with me, If I ask alot of questions along the way.
    Here is the info....

    Comp # 1 - W2K Prof..
    C = NTFS
    D = FAT32
    Comp # 2 - W98SE
    C = FAT32
    Comp # 3 - W98SE
    C = FAT32

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    First make sure they are all on the same subnet. If they are on the same subnet and have the same DNS info, etc they should see each other just fine. Also make sure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled in the TCP/IP settings.
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    settings to use
    if you have a machine that is using a dialup or a second nic use ICS - it is easy to use, and does all the work for you.

    if you are just setting up a lan
    use these settings




    for the defualt gateway, set it to the same machine, anyone will work. if you are planing to make it internet ready - set your default gateway to the machine that will be your "server" that connects to the internet.

    you will also want to consider running IPX/SPX on all the machines for file/print sharing, becuase IPX/SPX is not usable over the internet, you can have drive shares and not worry.
    just make sure that you have the tcp/ip diabled for sharing.
    (done by bindings or check boxes...)

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    Wow. You lost me on all that.LOL
    My setup is at home. Just a little home network.
    Comp # 1 has a printer
    Comp # 2 has a printer
    Comp # 3 will use the printer on #1

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    in order to work withthe Win2k you need to enable the GUest account on it

    this is done by right clicking "my computer"
    selecting "manage"

    go to local users and group -> useres

    find the "guest account" dopouble click it and make sure it's not disabled.

    Kannibul was talking about a way to Share your Internet Connection between computers in your Home network..

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    Ok. I did what you said Condor.
    I started comp 2 & 3 from scratch. I removed all the network stuff. then I added microsoft TCP/IP and Netbeui.
    Now comps 2 & 3 can see each other fine. But they cannot see comp 1 and comp one cannot see them. I'm 2/3 of the way there. Half tempted to just go back to win 98 on comp 1.

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    well you made some progress..
    that's good

    now we need to understand why the Win2k isn't taking part in all the fun ..

    1. Make Sure The Win2k is In the Same WORKGROUP as all the others (right Click MY computer -> Properties -> network I.D -> Properties..

    2. If you're Using a Realtek Based Network Card change it manually to Half-Duiplex Mode.

    3. Is the Link (Green light) light on both in the Hub and the Card ?

    4. are you using the SAME Protocols on the WIn2k PC (NEtbeui/ Tcp/Ip / Ipx/spx..) ?

    5. if you're using Ipx/Spx make sure you're using the same "frame type"

    6. if you're using TCP/IP make sure you're using the same IP range and Subnet mask

    Subnet on the win2k in the 2nd computer in the 3rd ..

    WILL NOT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not without a router)

    make sure that if you set them to the same range : in the 1st computer in the 2nd computer in the 3rd ..

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    Thumbs up

    Comp # 1 (W2K) has joined in on the FUN!

    Thanks to all, especially *Condor* fir the help and patience.
    I learned alot over the past few days....
    W2K would not work because I had to install
    NetBEUI protocol...
    I guess that I need to have TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocols?
    Still not sure what they both do, but I'm gonna go and do some searching on the net to learn.

    Thanks again!!!

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    Let me save you some time on that..

    Netbeui is a protocol intended for small networks (very simple and low memory usage - called overhead) uses the computer names and hardware address (MAC address) to communicate.

    TCP/IP - is a stack (collection) of many protocols design to allow communication in huge networks with many paths to a single target (Mesh architecture) so using names is out of the question.

    Imagine your network as a room. if you have a small living room and you call "john" out loud you'll find him fast.

    on the other hand if you're in the Ney-York Stock exchange and shout "john" you will interrupt other people (like the term broadcast), you will most likely have many "johns" and it will take forever to find the right one..

    In TCP/IP every computer oor Netework card (node) is assign a unique address containing a network address and a host address.

    in class C networks it's the last field..

    let's say you have the address :

    192.115.100 (wiil get you to the building, the floor and the office) - Netowrk ID

    7 (will get you to the person) - Host ID

    I hope my explnation didn't confse you

    Networks and Protcols make some interesting stuff to learn..

    here are some links :



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