[RESOLVED] win98 se and windows ME networking
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Thread: [RESOLVED] win98 se and windows ME networking

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] win98 se and windows ME networking

    i want to share normal dial up connection between them, but so far i can only use internet on both computers when i dial up from the windows ME computer. It seems to have internet connection sharing drivers and the win98 one does not. what drivers or programs do i need to make it so either computer can dial up and both can use it? thanks!

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    You can't have both machines with ICS. The reason is because, the machine that does the sharing becomes a DHCP, issuing out IP's to your home network. If you set both to be ICS, you'll probably end up with conflicts.

    ICS work like this:
    1 machine that accesses the internet will share it's connection. This machine will inturn issue out IP's to your home LAN (DHCP), and will be the default gateway for the LAN, making all other machines access the internet through its own internet connection. Keep in mind that this machine must be turn on first, inorder for it to issue out IP's to the other machines.

    All other machines will be set to obtain an IP address automatically. You must also run the Internet Connection Wizard to configure IE to access the internet through you LAN.

    Win2K, WinME and 98SE can perform ICS. 98/95 can't, but they can be clients for ICS.

    You will of course require NIC's for each machine on your LAN including the ICS machine, and a HUB.
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