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    Question VPN over Cable

    Systems Configuration:
    PII 400
    256 MB SDRAM
    20 G ATA/66 HD
    NT Back Office /SP-6a
    Cable Modem

    Set up RAS w/VPN properly (at least I think!) as I can VPN into the server from the internal network; but if connected to my other ISP (dial-up) and try to VPN into throughthe internet, I get a message saying the other computer isn't answering. What gives?

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    Fist thing is first; I would verify a path to the remote host (VPN server) by doing a traceroute. Verify that packets are actually making it there. If they are not making it there it could be due to a firewall or router misconfiguration and that would be the problem. If the packets are making it there okay try an extended ping to verify a good connection. Without detailed information on your current configuration it is really hard to say, could be any number of things. I hope this will help you.

    Nick Comer
    ASCS, i-net+, Net+, A+

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