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    Question DSL/Home Network

    Here it is:
    I recently got DSL (woohoo) from Northpoint. And can't Share amongst my other two computers in Internet Connection Sharing (Win2k pro). It's PPPoE and an external modem hooked into an internal ethernet. My card connecting th other two computers is a phon-line adapter, so a hub is out of the question unless I install ethernet in my home's wirings. Any Ideas?

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    I was able to get this working by setting up a hub and running cat5 cable all about my house.

    You have the dsl modem running into the nic on the primary PC. Run an additional nic from the primary PC into your hub. Run cables from the hub to the other computers in the house. Make sure all the computers in the house have tcp/ip and are set to get an IP address from the primary PC. Do a winipcfg on each of the machines hooking into the primary PC and release all of the IP's they have.

    This should allow them to see the internet connection. I went crazy using this and it has it's limitations and drops the connections so often that I went crazy with it. I hated this so much that I went out and bought a Linksys router/gateway/fiewall and ran that into all the PC's in my home. I now have full connectivity and I'm happy, happy. There is a problem with this though as you need to install and uninstall the WinPoet software on all the machines (that's what the sales guy said - i ditched DSL and went with cable which is far superior [I presently have a 4Mb connection - yes - Mb]).

    Good luck. There are posts elsewhere in this forum about creating connections with internet connection sharing.

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    I agree than running CAT5 or CAT5E is the only way to go, but just plug the DSL router right into the hub. I've done that with three different external Cisco 675 DSL routers and it works great. You don't have to do all this double-NIC stuff that sometimes leads to internal hardware conflicts. Just a thought...

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    I saw a similiar question on experts exchange (an inferior web site i must say ;-) and answered it thusly:

    Buy a PPOE compliant router. I paid $170 for a cisco that did PPOE about 4 months ago on ebay..

    Iateyourcat's comment included the idea that the most effective solution for me was to drop the idea
    using ICS on W2K Pro. That is what I did. I purchased a PPPoE compliant router.


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    I just recently fixed a problem on a friends pc that involved dsl sharing. They had a dsl box that connected with a direct USB connector, not CAT5. Well, in any case, windrivers has a VOCKS proxy program listed in their netwk util. section. Drop ICS, this program has easy set-up and is less painless. Works great to.


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