[RESOLVED] Mapping ME drive from 2k server via internet
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Mapping ME drive from 2k server via internet

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    Angry Mapping ME drive from 2k server via internet

    I have just gotten a new computer for home use. Unfortunately it runs ME and won't play well with my 2000 server...

    I work on a Win2k server at work via Microsoft Terminal Server Client. Since my server doesn't have an office suite installed, I do all my spreadsheeting and word processing locally, and number crunching on the server. I have always had a map from the server to my home machine so I can save my work locally.

    With my notebook (running Win2k now, previously Win98) I am easily able to map to the ip number and share. With WinME, the server cannot logon to the computer, and says that it is unable to find the network path. I know it is trying because I can see the lights on my firewall blinking. The firewall (ZoneAlarm) is configured to give full permissions to both the client and the ip address of the server, so it shouldn't be causing a problem.

    The shares are set up right on ME (according to Microsoft's rather pathetic instructions and what I could glean from the ME boards).

    The ME people tend to think this is a 2000 problem, so I hope someone here can help me.

    My configuration:

    PIII 866
    128 mb
    SMC EZ card 10/100


    Kirk Scott

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    have you tried it with zonealarm closed?
    i've had similiar problems with ZA not allowing access even with the proper permissions...try deleting it from the programs screen and reestablishing the connection...it works for me
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