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    Question Diamond Wireless Network

    Whats up everyone got a question, I used to have a 10/100BaseT network running through my apartment which used a Linksys 4port Cable router/hub to share my @home connection. Well my brother didn't like the ethernet cable running down the hallway(i don't blame him it looked pretty gawdy) so i got rid of the cable and just moved my main PC as close to the hub as posiable. Anyways my boss gave me a Diamond Wireless Networking Kit(4 PCI Cards & 1 PCMCIA Card and all software) well I used to use the kit to connect my laptop to my desktop but once i was out of it's line of site i lost my connection or it was slower then a 9600baud modem. I'm in the process of building a second system that i would like in my room and would like internet access but before i go through all of the trouble setting it all up do 2 desktops have better chance of making the wireless conection compaired to a desktop/laptop connection? Now the PC's will be no more then 20 feet from each other which is well within what Diamond recommends but there are a few wall's between the 2. I'm not worried about to much about connection speed as long as it's decent, and no games are going to be played over this so thats not a question either i just am curious as to whither they will keep a constant connection or am i just ******? Thanks in advance guys!

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    Honestly, there's no way to know unless you just try it. You're better off if you have an access point. And I could be wrong, but I absolutely no reason why a desktop would connect any better or worse than a laptop.



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