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    This is probbably super simple but there goes.. Main dial in box running win2k pro. This connection is shared with 6 other boxes runnind 2k, 9x or ME. These can all browse the network fine and browse the web fine when they get their IP's automatically. Heres the thing, when i try to specify IP's to the other boxes, not the dial in, so i can map say the http requests to another box the machines can't 'get out' past the dial in box. I've given them all internal IP's and used as the gateway as this is the internal IP of the dial in box. Whats wrong? Am i being super dumb as i think i am.

    Any help would be great...


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    What was the scope for the network before you switched to static ip addresses. Try using the numbers in that scope. Also you might need to configure a gateway and dns setting. What are you using to proxy out the requests?

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    Sorry if i appear a bit lacking on terminology but i never finished my MCSE ;-) The IP assigned to the dial in box, win2k, is so i use this as the gateway for the other boxes on the network. The subnet is and all the IP's of the other boxes are in the 192.168.* range. They can browse internat intranet stuff but can't get out past the dial in box. The requests would be going out through a win2k box with a dialup.

    Any thoughts??

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    Ahhh ha :-)) Sorted it. I had to specify DNS servers for the boxes as under investigation i could ping externam IP's but not domains. DNS was added and bingo all boxes can browse onse more with static internal IP's :-)

    Thanks again for the tip.



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