[RESOLVED] NetMeeting 3.0 & ISDN?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] NetMeeting 3.0 & ISDN?

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] NetMeeting 3.0 & ISDN?

    Can anyone give a hand setting up a call with NetMeeting from one location to another via ISDN?


    Little more info:
    Using NetMeeting 3.0
    I have 2 Voice/Data ISDN lines
    Eicon Diva ISDN modem
    Connection works I can place a test call, phone company tested signal, etc

    ...I just need help configuring the user to call via ISDN (using both #s)...

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    Try tools>options>bandwidth settings if you are a stand-alone machine.

    If you are newtorked and use a gatekeeper or directory service, you need to set up the server properly.

    Have fun - we love net meeting!

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