[RESOLVED] Norton Internet Security= Slow Network??
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Norton Internet Security= Slow Network??

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    Question Norton Internet Security= Slow Network??

    I recently installed Norton Internet Security on my Win2000 Advanced Server. It works very well protecting my system, but it seems to slow my entire network down to about half speed (incl. LAN, internet, all). ANyone seen this before? I was very careful when setting up my firewall rules and even followed setup advice from Symantec's website. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Is the server your proxy? If so, you might want to try disabling the internet traffic and incident logging features. These will slow down your internet speed dramatically.

    Is the server your PDC/DHCP/WINS server? If so, uninstall NIS because it could be slowing down user authentication as well as the Active Directory services.

    If it is a standalone or file/print server, NIS might slow down the machine itself but would not have any impact on your network. In this case I would say your problem is somewhere else.

    I installed NIS on my home machines and found that it slowed the network down dramatically also (lots of pings, tracert, and reverse domain name verifications). And it was a resource HOG. I switched to BlackICE and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

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