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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Connectivity Problem/HELP!!!

    Hello, there!

    The company I just started to work for has network connection problem that I do not know exactly what to do. In my opinion, I think it has to do with ISP or some cable connection or configuration. But I do not know where to look first.

    The problem as follow:
    Co. use bus topology, T1, with 2 Linksys DSL Router with 2 IP address Router 1 with default gateway & router 2 w/o gateway and 1 Nortel VPN. with 7 servers w/static Ip address connected (Windows2000) and firewall.

    they have connectivity problem of accessing Internet, i.e. sometimes the connection is very slow or sudden disconnection from Internet. (routers light flickers!)

    Whenever there is disconnection, just need to unplugged power from router 1 and replugged and connection resumes. Also, when remote users try to connect to check their e-mail via VPN, they stated that the line seems to be always busy, therefore; cannot check their e-mail at all.

    If you have any knowledge on this issue or if you could tell me any web site/anyone who has knowledge that could give me a tip on this issue will be great help if possible.

    Thank you very much for your time and looking forward to hear from you.

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    If you don't need it, Disable or remove IPX from the network, It makes linksys (or any inexpensive nat router) choke and hang up. I had that very problem recently. To speed things up, make sure everyone has fixed IP Address and make sure the DSL Router knows the name server addresses (up to 3). Then make the default gateway on machines that access the internet the address of the DSL Router.Also for external people to access the mailserver behind the DSL router you have to make a connection for it in the DSL Router configuration (incoming connections are blocked by default).

    What's the differance between 'twisted' and 'torqued' anyways?


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