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    Post Winroute

    I got a quick question here...

    I recently aquired a low end PC and want to use it as a proxy(NAT) for my home internet connection (56k sigh...). I have Windows NT4 workstation on it, with Service Pack 6a installed. I am using Winroute for my NAT server and have run into a problem. I want the connection to dial on demand since my parents won't figure out how to manually connect. In the RAS properties I set up everything right so I can get on the net, then I set it to dial on demand. Whenever I request something on the internet nothing happens, it doesn't dial. I can go into the administration program and manually connect, and it works (using it now).

    Does anyone know how to set it up so it dials on NAT?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had almost this exact setup before I went cable, and had no problem with it. Make sure that the trial hasn't expired, and that it is running as a service. Also, I found that Winroute works better if you let it DHCP IP information out to the clients. If all else fails I guess you could just move it to a Win98 machine.
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