10/100 autoswitching problem
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Thread: 10/100 autoswitching problem

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    Post 10/100 autoswitching problem

    ok heres the setup, nt server (3com 905c NIC) 8 workstations running 98 1 running win95.
    misc nics in workstations linksys and realtech

    If i leave the nic card at autodetect speed it wont login to the server. Says it cant find it. If i force it to 10half it works fine. Hub is a linksys 10/100 autoswitching hub.

    i have 2 questions

    1. What must be done to get the nics to run at 100mb?

    2. why wont the 95box login in? it keeps says incorrect password, cleared password on nt server, still wouldnt log in. Also tried multiple login names still wouldnt log in

    please help me
    Thanks in advance

    off the topic, MCSE dont mean nuttin, look at me. i passed the test, yet the vbooks said nothing about this sort of stuff

    hmm win 98 command prompt
    lets try c:\>/con/con
    illegal what?
    echo label c: cursed >>c:\autoexec.bat
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    First of all, in my opinion dumb the 3com card. Have you tried a different switch or even just another hub?

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    hmmmmm, that's interesting......

    10/100 NICs should run at 100 if the hub is 10/100. I am sure the obvious stuff was checked out, test the cat5 cable for proper pinout, correct drivers for the NICs, etc.

    I have noticed that 3com NICs act kinda funny under NT. I've never tried Linksys. I pretty much stick w/ Netgear. Hasn't failed me yet!

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    I think most hubs require that all NICs plugged into the hub must be 100MPS speed for everything to run at 100MPS speed. If even one NIC or device (e.g., DSL modem) is running 10MPS, everything slows to 10MPS...

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    Well I think everyone knows how i feel about linksys. Still you should be able to force all the cards to run at 100mps if the cables are cat5. If its only one set and you tried multiple logins It makes me think some data is getting hosed on the way there. Try another nic in this machine. Is it only one machine that has this problem of having to be at 10mbps 1/2 duplex? What happens if you swap the card with another box does it follow the card or stay local? Also as far as running at 10 or 100mps if its a newer hub or switch it should be able to distinguish what that port is running and still let the other comunicate at 100mbps as long as they are talking to another 100mbps card. Also what model is the linksys so we can look and see if its a smart hub so that the one 10mbps port wont kill everything else X

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