[RESOLVED] Windows 98 re-install/ CD-ROM
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Windows 98 re-install/ CD-ROM

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    Windows 98 re-install/ CD-ROM

    I've recently had to re-install Windows. Normally I do a clean re-install. Fdisking, formatting, re-install the CD-ROM drivers, then re-installing Windows. Now after I re-install the CD-ROM driver, I go to re-install Windows, I get a error saying the CD-ROM is not accessible. The light never goes off. Before I had to reinstall I noticed two CD-ROM listings in my autoexec.bat, now it will not start up at all.

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    What version of Windows are you running? With Win 95 and 98 no CDROM drivers are necessary......

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    If you are trying to get the DOS cdrom drivers loaded so that you can load Windows, try removing all references to the CD in the config.sys and the autoexec.bat files, then re-install your cdrom drivers.

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