[RESOLVED] Generic Win95 Driver for IDE CD-ROM
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Generic Win95 Driver for IDE CD-ROM

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    Generic Win95 Driver for IDE CD-ROM

    I received a machine that had a network install of Win95, meaning no cabinet files were installed so I cannot install my Toshiba XM-6402B CD-Rom drive. I need the generic ATAPI/ASPI Driver(inf file) which is built in Win95. Is there anywhere to get this generic driver or is it impossible.

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    Not familiar with that particular model, but if it's IDE, just make sure that you have it set correctly with the jumpers (master/slave) and windows should detect it.
    If it is not a slave to the hdd, and on the secondary port, make sure the port is enabled in the bios.

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    you can get a generic oak technologies driver for ide atapi drives from this site


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