[RESOLVED] CDROM Drive under Win98 - aaaargh!
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Thread: [RESOLVED] CDROM Drive under Win98 - aaaargh!

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    CDROM Drive under Win98 - aaaargh!

    My CDROM drive refuses to work under win 98,
    there is a problem with the IDE controller or something, in any case there is a yellow excdlamation mark by it. It says the device is not working as the BIOS in the device is reporting the resources incorrectly (code 9)

    It worked fine with Win'95.
    What is the matter with it?
    I am at my wits end.
    Someone help me!!!

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    email is daniel.hunter@btinternet.com

    thanks in advance!

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    need more info about machine config. What kind of cdrom? I don't know what all you've tried, but here are a few suggestions: first, I would find some way to copy the cab files to hdd. I realize this is tough without a cdrom but I would find a way - ie put the drive in another machine. Then boot into safe mode and look for ghost ide controllers and such in device manager. remove all ide stuff that 98 will let you remove from dev man.(personally I would remove all the motherboard crap to and let 98 find it again.) 98 may not be perfect at PNP but it does it a helluva lot better than 95. make sure nothing is trying to use irq 14/15. let me know if you get it to work or not cause I may be able to help.

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