[RESOLVED] Problem with CD-ROM. Help Please........!
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Problem with CD-ROM. Help Please........!

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Problem with CD-ROM. Help Please........!

    Hi, All......
    Wondering if someone can help me out with my Pentium II/400MHZ (ASUS P2B-F Mother Board). I set my Creative 36X CD-Rom on a secondary IDE connector which master CD-Rom and HP 8100 CDR is a slave. I tried to recording data files and Audio CD with Easy CD Creator Version 3.5c, everything look good here, a copy of an Audio CD can play on both CD-Drives and home stereo without a problem. But when I tried to duplicate a Video CD disc, it doesn't look good as I expect. The disc can only play on CD-Writer with good quality but not on the other CD-Rom or home stereo system. The drive take long time to read information from the disc, it show me the content of files but can't play or sometime it said: "D:\..can not accessible, a device attach to the system not functioning". I don't know why?, both CD-Rom drives are using win98 drivers. I can't find the right drivers for my Creative 36X CD-Rom. If anyone can help me out with this problem, please email me at lylac@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much.

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    First try to turn off DMA in the system devices for the 36X Creative CDROM as I have seen this cause many troubles especially with burned cd's. Also try a different type of CD as this one may be bad. Some are funny about the way they'll play from one CDROM to another. You can also test the CD on another drive to see if it's the same. Good Luck

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