[RESOLVED] Mat****a CR-587 boot failure?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Mat****a CR-587 boot failure?

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    Mat****a CR-587 boot failure?

    Please help, I recently posted a topic asking for help with my brother's computer. He was having modem conflict errors. Some other problems came up, so I completed formatted his hard drive. I KNOW, I KNOW, this was stupid. Now I am having trouble with his CD Rom Drive. When the computer boots up, it is in dos, because I am not able to use his win 98 cd. I have tried and tried using the regular boot disk, but when it boots up and scans for pci devices, etc, it locates the cd rom drive, but then says that there is atapo cd rom failure. Can someone please help me? I would appreciate it. Thank you. ICQ 20466010

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    I would check for loose connectors first, especially if you have been poking around inside the case. Just make sure all your cables are tight into the motherboard as well as the CD-ROM drive.

    If that doesn't help, let us know what CD-ROM drive you have...perhaps we can get the exact drivers you need.


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