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    Exclamation Creative Encore 6x Trouble

    I just purchased and installed a Creative Labs Encore 6x DVD with the Dxr3 card. I have a ESS 1869 soundcard. For somereason when I play a DVD-Video or Audio CD my computer (a AMD K6-2 300Mhz, w/ 64MB RAM) goes crazy. "My Computer" detects that there is a DVD-Video disk inside (it names the drive after the disk title), however when I try to play it the computer freezes. When I go to play an audio CD, "My Computer" freezes and when it comes back, it says that the drive is not readable. However, if I use a CD Player prog. it detects the disk, track sizes, etc. but when it plays is skips at lightspeed through the tracks, without any sound. Please help. If I play a data CD, there is no problem and it works ok.


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    Some DVD drives don't like being on the same IDE channel as the hard drive. Try putting the drive on its own channel. If you don't have space, disable the UDMA/33 option for both your hard drive and the DVD drive and stick to PIO Mode 4.

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    After a few minutes (hours) with tech. support. I discovered that the reason the DVD didn't work was that it dislikes DMA (direct memory access) so in the Device Mangler > CD-ROM > Properties > Settings
    I had to uncheck it. After that it worked fine. Thanks.


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