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    I have a gd-2000 dvd player from hitachi. When I play dvd's on it the movies plays slower then the words. In other words the video lags the audio. Also it gets pretty choppy. I think it might be because the dvd player is only 2x when playing movies but why would they make a dvd player that would play the movies choppy and put it on the market?
    If anyone else has had this problem and solved it please let me know. Oh yeah I am running Win98 upgrade have 104megs of ram, 8meg ati video card along with an 8meg voodoo2card, a 4.3gig hardrive.

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    Try putting the drive on its own IDE channel. Some DVD drives don't like being on the same IDE channel as the hard drive, its something to do with the UDMA/33 protocol. You can also try disabling the UDMA/33 option in your motherboard and sticking to PIO Mode 4, just to see if it a UDMA/33 conflict.

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    Red face

    I did all that you told me but it still happens. I think that it is because it is an older drive but I was hoping it was something else. I only paid $75 for the drive so it is not too big of a deal but I just wanted it to work to the extreme. Thanks anyway.


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