[RESOLVED] Formatted Drive, now CD not detected w/any driver anyhow
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Formatted Drive, now CD not detected w/any driver anyhow

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    Angry Formatted Drive, now CD not detected w/any driver anyhow

    I think I had a virus...but I could not do a virus scan because I could only access safe mode, then nothing.. Even with a windows 98 startup disk and various cd drivers, I cannot access my cd rom drive . I ended up having to reformat (f/disk & format) my hard drive, hoping to wipe out the virus, but, now I have a formatted drive, and no way to reinstall windows.. I've tried pretty much everything to get my system to recognize the cd, but I just keep getting CD101 not found.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated (& good karma too !!) THANKS in advance !!

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    cd101 error means that your cdrom driver don't work with your cdrom, like you have an old cdrom, or your cdrom just gone. anyway cd101 error appears when you want to read your 98 installation disk (or any other), so that means that the driver do work. try to clean the cd drive.

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    The virus scenero is possible when you fdisk your computer you should have used the command "fdisk \mbr". The \mbr stands for master boot record. This is the location that many viruses write to.

    The one virus class I have encounted that would cause all you have described is called "boot sector C " variety. If that is the case you need an "original" floppy resuce disk (the one that came with McAffee or Norton) to detect the virus.

    Also if you made a boot disk or did not have your "master boot disk" from microsoft write protected it might also be infected.

    On the plus side Dema might be correct your CD-Rom may be "DOA" and just need to be replaced. Most CD-roms (when used for gamming or playing CD-audio) only have an average life span of 2~4 years max.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the help.
    Doubtful it's the drivers, as I copied from OEM recovery disk.

    Too late on the f/disk master boot record format... I swapped the CD Drive from a different system & it worked fine, so it's not the IDE cable either.
    Could a virus actually blow out a CD drive?
    Did a full reinstall/recovery.. with different CD seems ok. When I install the old CD drive same BS.

    Only had the system for like a year, and didn't use the drive all that much, cuz I mostly used my laptop.

    I contacted ACER about a replacement CD drive that will fit the Aspire faceplate, and they quoted a ridiculous $135 for a 32X...current 40X & 50X are going for $60-80.
    Currently seeking a refurb if anyone knows of a great deal.

    Really appreciate the help. Thanks!!

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    If you want a good price for a CDROM www.pricewatch.com has some pretty goods deals like a 44x CROM for $39.00


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