[RESOLVED] formatted HD now i acnt load windows
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Thread: [RESOLVED] formatted HD now i acnt load windows

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    Angry formatted HD now i acnt load windows

    i have an older 486 i formated HD now it wont recognze a cd rom no drive letter for it i have another puter here is there a way i can load win95 from one HD to the other? i tried installing dos CD drivers but it still didnt work i cant find a driver for my specific drive it says aztec systems
    CDA 668-02ISE

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    From your question, it appears that you are rather new at this so I'll break it to you gently.

    Formatting a hard drive is just like formatting a floppy - you wipe everything on it including the boot files, Windows, application programs and any data you may have added.

    What you now have is a totally blank hard disk.

    What you need to do now is, boot the pc to a bootable floppy which contains driver files for the cd, then install Win95.

    After that, you need to install all your app progs, vga drivers etc, do all the config settings such as video and network settings and then restore all your data from your backups (this is where the value of doing backups comes in)

    This should take about half a day or so and give you a good grounding in setting pc configurations and installing applications etc.

    Don't worry, I admit to doing exactly the same thing when I was new at computing - you soon learn what is not a good thing to do.

    The best way to look at it is as a learning experience.




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