[RESOLVED] win 98 lock up with cdrom
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Thread: [RESOLVED] win 98 lock up with cdrom

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] win 98 lock up with cdrom

    when i plug a cdrom into my mb on 98 the machine will not boot.
    I am pretty sure that this is a dma problem, as i can not get into windows to turn dma of does anyone know how to get around this, reg key perhap?

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    a update i have successfully unchecked the DMA box but this turns out not to be the problrem. It seems that I can either have my graphics card a diamond banshee or my cdrom working but not both.

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    I have a suggestion, but it may be a little drastic:
    Click Start, Run, type REGEDIT.
    Click Hkey_Local_ machine to expand it
    Click ENUM and press delete on the keyboard.

    This removes to resource assisgnments for all your resources, and will reassign them when you reboot. WARNING. ALL drivers will be reinstalled, with possibility of not installing fully if you do not have replacement drivers.

    BUT, I have got this to work many times, not only with CDROMS, but other media as well.


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