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    Question Audio CD Won't Play

    Well, I once again made the mistake of loading some Microsoft beta software on my PC and this time I've lost the ability to play audio CDs. I have a Creative SoundBlaster 32 PnP card and a 8X CD player running thru Win95(c). When I loaded DirectX 6.1, it claimed it didn't recognize my Sound Card even tho I found it on Microsoft's site as compatible. I told DirectX to NOT load its drivers, rather, leave the Creative drivers in place. Guess what? No audio CD. I tried reloading the MCICDA.DRV file (which Win95(c) claims is incorrect and I'll lose functionality but of course Microsoft won't let you download a newer version)reloading all the Creative drivers, reinstalling the Microsoft Media Control Interface for CD Players and nothing. I haven't opened the box since I did a reformat and installed Win95(c) about three months ago. At that time I had remove all my cards and reinstall them as Win95(c) wouldn't recognize any of them even tho Win95(a) had no problems. So, any suggestions, besides going back to functional software like QEMM386 with DesqView386?

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    it might b somethin simple like U've dislodged the sudio cable connecting ur cd-rom 2 ur SB32, check the cabling, make sure the cable has four wires red & white 2 black and not just three wires that'll cause u trouble with the SB32..

    hope this helps..



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