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    Long range wireless

    I need to link two buildings together over some kind of WAN link. The buildings are about 3 miles apart from each other. There's no line-of-sight, but there aren't really any hills or anything between the buildings, just trees and stuff. One of the buildings is on top of a hill, the other across a river in the valley.

    I've heard of wireless bridges that can span 5 - 10 miles and I was wondering if anyone knows of such a beast. Speed isn't a huge option, the link is mostly just to get internet to the remote location. The most I really need is 1.5 Mbps, anything over that is gravy.

    Cost isn't much of an issue since leasing a land-line will end up costing us tons of money in the long run.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Love to say that I could help, but wireless 3 mile shots usually require LOS as far as I know, but I could be wrong.

    The only real solution I can see is building a tower at one, or both, locations to clear the trees for a LOS shot.
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    this is some help perhaps, onther helper, pringles cans i belive, but i don't think they will do 3 miles..
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    Check out this website.... http://www.buffalo-technology.com/ maybe they will have something you could use....

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    I've setup several point to point links greater than 3 miles with a variety of equipment but always had line of sight. If you don't have line of sight from point A to point B you need to elevate the antenna(s) to get it. At that distance there are many things that can mess you up so use a path calculator to determine required tower height. I'll put one on my website at:

    Start with a topographical map and draw a straight line between the two points. Enter the elevation of both end points and as many points as possible between. Remember to include any vertical obstructions such as trees and buildings. (If the installation will be there for a few years, don't forget that trees grow. Allow for a few feet of growth for close trees.) Enter this on sheet 3 of the spreadsheet. If you enter the info accurately, the calc should give you good estimates for required antenna height. The calc will show a good LOS path when you have 80% of fresnel zone clear. Go a bit higher at one end just to be safe.

    As far as equipment goes, you can probably do it with a couple of SMC 2682W bridges for about $450 each. You'll need a couple of high-gain directional antennas, though. They'll cost you about $100-150 each. Expect about $1 per foot for antenna cable. Telescoping masts up to about 70ft can be had for less than $200.



    I ran a similar setup to provide internet access to a remote site for about 1.5 years with no problems. Wisconsin winter weather didn't bother it at all. (Lightning did.) Be sure to use lightning arrestors and properly ground your masts.

    I'd be glad to help if you need it. Call or email the contact info on the website.


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